a and p mechanic jobs near me

a and p mechanic jobs near me

A & P Mechanic Jobs Near Me

Most people today are looking for a flexible and rewarding career. If you are looking for the same, you may be interested in the field of aviation maintenance, otherwise known as airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics. A&P mechanics are essential in ensuring safe and reliable aircraft operations, while being some of the highest paid and most in-demand positions. To get started, here is a look at A&P mechanic jobs and some tips for finding jobs in your area.

A & P Mechanic Jobs

A&P mechanics are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft and engines. This includes inspecting, servicing, and replacing parts, as well as complying with Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and safety standards. Depending on the level of experience, many A&P mechanics are qualified to work on any part of an aircraft, from the smallest component up to the full aircraft structure. A&P mechanics must also be knowledgeable in mechanics and mathematics, understand how aircraft parts interact, and be aware of all safety regulations required for aircraft maintenance.

Finding A&P Mechanic Jobs Near You

Because A&P mechanic jobs have such an important role in aircraft operations, these positions are highly competitive, with usually more applicants than available positions. Here are some tips for finding an A&P mechanic job in your area:

  • Research: Conduct research to find out which airports or aircraft companies are near you, then contact them to find out if they have positions available.
  • Networking: The aviation industry is quite small, and networking can be a powerful tool. Speak with your family, friends, and associates to find out if anyone has current knowledge about openings.
  • Websites: Websites such as Indeed and Monster can help with job searches, as well as specialty websites like Avjobs, which is specifically for the aviation industry.


A&P mechanics are essential in ensuring the safety of aircrafts, and are highly paid and in-demand positions. With the right research and networking skills, you can easily find A&P mechanic jobs near you.


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