a dirty job christopher moore

a dirty job christopher moore

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore’s novel, A Dirty Job, is one of his most adored books, having been published in 2006. This work of dark comedy follows the story of a San Francisco antique store owner, Charlie, who is plunged in to a world of monsters, ghouls, and the undead.

What’s It About?

In A Dirty Job, Charlie discovers he is a death merchant, or “Grim Reaper,” for a strange organization of individuals who make sure human souls are distributed accordingly. Along with his newfound duties, Charlie also learns that he must protect his daughter from the forces of the Underworld.

The Characters

Charlie is the main protagonist of the book, and is a bit of a slacker when it comes to his duties as a death merchant. He’s eventually forced to take more responsibility as he learns more about the underworld.

Minty Fresh is an eccentric, blind old man who helps Charlie get acquainted with the underworld. He serves as a mentor, and helps Charlie understand the true nature of his job as a death merchant.

Mr. Domachiles is Charlie’s part-time employee and friend who helps him manage his business. He is optimistic and always looks for the bright side in any situation, even when faced with the undead.

Why It’s Worth a READ

A Dirty Job is an addicting read – the combination of dark comedy and intense moments keeps the reader engaged. Christopher Moore’s writing style is witty and light-hearted, but with a touch of seriousness.

The characters are brilliant – their interactions and dialogue make the narrative much more enjoyable. Moore does an excellent job at capturing the quirky personalities of his characters.

A Dirty Job is an exciting ride from start to finish. If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read, you should definitely pick up this book!


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