a job i would never have

a job i would never have

A Job I Would Never Have: Professional Bin Cleaner

Do you ever think about the people that make sure the garbage in your city is properly taken care of? Most of us probably don’t give much thought to the people who specialize in cleaning out and inspecting bins for waste, but for some, it’s a full-time job. As much as I appreciate their service, a job as a professional bin cleaner is something I, personally, would never want to do.

Why I Would Not Take on the Job

Being a professional bin cleaner involves lifting, shifting, and cleaning heavy bins, sometimes in bad weather, and it is rarely considered a pleasant job. Here are some of the reasons I would never be able to do it:

  • The smell: I am very sensitive to pungent odours and I don’t think I could stomach being around the waste material inside the bins.
  • The dirt: This kind of job is clearly very messy. I don’t think I could handle getting my hands dirty for hours on end.
  • The weather: Cleaning bins could be a difficult job in the rain or heat. I don’t cope well with extreme temperatures and I would find this challenging.

Respect for Professional Bin Cleaners

Despite my reservations, I do have huge respect for those people who willingly take on bin cleaning as a job. These people make sure that our cities run smoothly and hygienically, something that many of us often overlook. People in the profession work long hours and usually have to go without the appreciation they deserve. So, even though I wouldn’t be able to take on a job like this myself, I can still appreciate the dedication of those who can.


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