a man’s job is to provide and protect quotes

a man’s job is to provide and protect quotes

A Man’s Job Is To Provide and Protect Quotes

It is often said that a man’s job is to provide and protect. While this often refers to his family, it is also applies to how a man should conduct himself in the world at large. Here are some of the best quotes about a man’s role in society.

Quotes About A Man Providing

  • “A real man provides, protects, and perseveres.” – Unknown
  • “It’s not a man’s job to be a provider, but in many cases that’s what men do.” – Dave Mustaine
  • “A man should provide, protect, and stay loyal.” – Unknown
  • “A man’s highest calling is to provide for and protect those he loves.” – Michael S. Tyrrell
  • “A man’s chief purpose is to protect and provide for his family.” – John Wooden
  • “The most important thing a man should do is provide and protect his family.” – Kobe Bryant

Quotes About A Man Protecting

  • “A real man protects his family and provides for them.” – Unknown
  • “It’s a man’s job to protect and defend his family.” – Sylvester Stallone
  • “A real man stands up for what he believes and protects his family.” – Unknown
  • “A man should never stop protecting those who count on him.” – Denzel Washington
  • “A man must protect his family from any and all harm.” – Unknown
  • “A man should protect his family from the world, and the world from his family.” – Cormac McCarthy

It is clear from these quotes that a man’s job is more than simply providing for and protecting his family. It is also his role to strive to be the best version of himself, protecting those he loves and providing for them as best he can.


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