a mother’s job is never done


A Mother’s Job is Never Done

When people think of the term “job,” they often think first of what is done in a professional capacity, such as an office job or a retail job. But for mothers, their job can never truly be done.

A Long List of Responsibilities

The responsibilities that come with motherhood can be numerous and varied. These include:

    • Caring for children – providing the nurture and support needed for them to grow up emotionally, intellectually and spiritually


    • Keeping the house – ensuring the house is clean and comfortable for the family


    • Managing finances – managing the family’s financial needs, such as meal planning, grocery shopping, budgeting and bill-paying


    • Planning activities – organizing events and activities for family fun or education


    • Socializing children – attending to social activities, such as parent-teacher meetings and school events


    • Scheduling appointments – managing doctor and dentist visits for the family


    • Shuttling children around – running children to and from various activities, including sports practices, lessons and school


Support, Self-Care and Joy

Motherhood is also more than just a collection of tasks. It also requires ongoing emotional support, self-care and moments of joy. A mother needs to find time to connect with her children, and ensure that she too is getting her emotional and mental health needs met. She must also find time to take care of herself, and build moments of joy into her life.

A Lifelong Commitment

A mother’s job is never done and no matter how old her children get, she will always have an important role in their lives and overall wellbeing. Even when children have grown and left home, mothers are still providing support and helping to shape their lives.

Ultimately, it can be said that a mother’s job is her lifelong commitment to her children and to the home life that she creates for them.


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