a wider circle jobs

a wider circle jobs

A Wider Circle Jobs

Many of us have a notion that a job is just a pay cheque and a contract to sign. However, A Wider Circle is changing the face of employment, by showing that a job is so much more.


A Wider Circle works to match those in need of employment with companies and organizations who are looking to hire. They offer three unique services to those looking to explore their opportunities in the job market:

  • Job Seeker Services: These services help individuals create the skills and confidence to join the workforce. A Wider Circle provides job readiness training, employer connections, and education.
  • Employer Services: Enterprises have the opportunity to connect with talented individuals looking for jobs in sectors such as finance, healthcare, technology, retail, hospitality, and more.
  • Recruitment Solutions: A Wider Circle offers recruitment solutions covering hiring efforts, on-boarding, and employee engagement.


A Wider Circle has partnered with dozens of leading organizations and companies such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and the National Wildlife Federation to offer job seekers the best in career advancement.

These partnerships make it easier for individuals to gain access to the skills they need while allowing partners to offer cutting edge technology and resources to employees. This helps employers to find great talent and also enriches the work lives of their employees.


At the core of A Wider Circle is the philosophy that every job is an opportunity to create a brighter future. This means connecting those in need of employment to a network of employers and organizations that can help them develop their skills and grow in their career.

A Wider Circle believes in providing the best opportunity for both employers and employees. This means striving for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and offering ongoing training opportunities, so employees can continue to expand their skill set and gain experience.


A Wider Circle is changing the way we think about work and job opportunity. By offering job seekers a wider circle of opportunities, they are helping individuals break down barriers of entry and allowing companies to stand out in the work force. This is a great way to improve the economy and increase employment.


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