a&p jobs new jersey

a&p jobs new jersey

A&P Jobs in New Jersey

Are you looking for A&P jobs in New Jersey? A&P has become a popular job choice for those wanting to enter the aviation field. Aircraft maintenance is a complex and challenging job that requires precision and skill. Here are some of the top A&P jobs in New Jersey.

A&P Technician

A&P technicians maintain, inspect, and repair aircraft. This job requires knowledge of the principles of airframe and powerplant systems, the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and mechanical aptitude. A&P technicians in New Jersey must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft maintenance engineers design, build, and maintain aircraft. This job requires knowledge and experience in a variety of engineering fields, such as aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Aircraft maintenance engineers in New Jersey must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aircraft Paint and Finish Technician

Aircraft paint and finish technicians prepare aircraft for painting and finish coating. This job requires understanding the principles of paint and finish systems, knowledge of aircraft manufacturing and design, and the ability to safely use chemicals and tools.

Aircraft Sheet Metal Technician

Aircraft sheet metal technicians construct and repair aircraft parts using sheet metal. This job requires knowledge of sheet metal fabrication, welding, joining processes, and the ability to read blueprints.

Aircraft Avionics Technician

Aircraft avionics technicians install, maintain, and repair aircraft electronic systems. This job requires knowledge of avionics systems, the ability to troubleshoot electronics systems, and understanding of aircraft wiring.

Benefits of Working in A&P

Working in A&P in New Jersey provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • Opportunities for Growth: Working in A&P can lead to advancement opportunities in a variety of aviation and related industries.
  • Competitive Salary: A&P salaries in New Jersey are competitive with salaries in other states.
  • Flexible Hours: Many A&P jobs in New Jersey offer flexible hours, allowing you to balance your job with your life.
  • Exciting Work Environment: Working in A&P provides an exciting and highly technical work environment.

There are numerous A&P jobs in New Jersey for those seeking to enter the aviation industry. A&P jobs provide competitive salaries, advancement opportunities, and an enjoyable and challenging work environment.


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