a&p jobs san diego

a&p jobs san diego

A&P Jobs in San Diego

San Diego is an exciting city to live in and work in. The possibilities are endless when looking for an A&P job in this great town. From providing quality aircraft maintenance services, to working in the aircraft manufacturing and sales industry, there are a variety of options for those seeking employment in the aviation industry.

A&P Technician Jobs

A&P (Airline and Powerplant) Technician jobs are one of the most popular positions in San Diego. These highly trained technicians provide necessary maintenance and repairs for commercial airlines, private aircrafts, and government uses. Typical duties include:

  • Inspection and maintenance of wings, engines, and other aircraft parts
  • Repairing electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Installing and testing new aircraft systems

Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales

The San Diego area is home to several major aircraft manufacturers, such as Cessna and Boeing. Jobs in this field involve the design and manufacture of new aircraft, or sales of existing aircraft. Job duties may include:

  • Designing new aircraft
  • Conducting research and development
  • Manufacturing aircraft components
  • Assisting in customer service and sales

Overall, San Diego is a great place to find quality A&P jobs. With the city’s large aviation industry and growing tourism industry, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking the perfect aviation job.


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