a&p mechanic jobs overseas

a&p mechanic jobs overseas

A&P Mechanic Jobs Overseas

A&P Mechanic jobs overseas provide a unique opportunity to combine the joy of travel and the satisfaction of working in a fast-paced and technologically advanced position. This type of job offers many benefits, and can be rewarding for those interested in working with airplanes and technology.

What is an A&P Mechanic?

An A&P mechanic is an Aircraft and Powerplant mechanic, responsible for all inspection, maintenance and repair of aircraft. These mechanics should be well-versed in engine basics, aircraft electrical systems, and general aircraft systems.

What are the Benefits of Working Overseas?

Working overseas as an A&P mechanic provides the opportunity to explore a new culture and meet new people. It also allows for the expansion of skillsets by learning about different aircraft systems. Additionally, it can open up potential job opportunities, such as working on more complex aircraft than one could find domestically.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?

There are a variety of jobs available for A&P mechanics overseas. Some of these include:

  • Commuter Airlines: Working on commuter airlines typically involves maintenance of small aircraft or light turboprops.
  • Military Aviation: Military aviation is often a great option for those looking for challenging and interesting work. Most of these positions require experience in specific types of military aircraft.
  • Corporate Aviation: Corporate aviation may involve maintenance and operation of aircraft for corporate use or charter. These jobs may require experience on specific types of aircraft.
  • Independent Contractor: Independent contractor work involves working with clients as an independent consultant. This may include maintenance of aircraft, advanced troubleshooting and repair.


A&P mechanic jobs overseas can be a great way to explore and experience a new culture while also furthering one’s career. This type of position offers several unique benefits and provides a unique opportunity to work on a variety of aircraft and systems. If you are interested in this kind of job, you will find plenty of exciting job opportunities available.


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