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Finding A&R Jobs in Los Angeles

Music industry jobs in Los Angeles come with the unique opportunity of working in the heart of the entertainment industry. With the appeal of rubbing shoulders with celebrities and the chance of major success in the industry, many people flock to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. A&R jobs, or “artist and repertoire” jobs, are some of the most sought-after music industry positions available.

What Do A&R Executives Do?

A&R executives are responsible for:

    • Finding new, talented artists and signing them to a record label


    • Creating relationships and networking with industry professionals


    • Supervising the production of records and deciding on which songs will be released


    • Developing strategies to promote and market the artist


    • Negotiating agreements between the artist and the record label, if necessary


    • Analyzing new trends in the music industry


Finding A&R Jobs in Los Angeles

It is often difficult to find A&R jobs in Los Angeles due to the competition in the area. The most helpful resource is often word-of-mouth, as many record labels look to their personal contacts to fill A&R positions.

Besides networking, some helpful resources for finding an A&R job include:

    • Job postings on websites and newspapers


    • Submitting resumes and portfolios to the various record labels in the area


    • Joining organizations and music associations to stay up-to-date on industry trends and opportunities


    • Attending industry seminars and workshops


    • Casting a wide net to various contacts and colleagues in the music industry


Whether one has a degree in music or experience working in the industry, chances of finding an A&R job in Los Angeles are much better when there is a good network of friends in the area. Having an extensive knowledge base and a great team of contacts are often the keys to opening the door to an exciting A&R job in Los Angeles.


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