a&r jobs nyc

a&r jobs nyc

A&R Jobs in NYC

Are you interested in breaking into the music industry in New York City? A&R (Artist and Repertoire) jobs are an important part of the process. An A&R job involves discovering and developing music talent, helping them find their own creative direction, and managing the career and creative direction of artists.

General Qualifications

A&R professionals should have a passion for music, an understanding of the industry, and excellent communication and organizational skills. They will also need a well connected network of industry professionals. Experience in music production, marketing, journalism, or A&R is Preferred.

Job Requirements

A&R jobs in NYC involve:

  • Networking: A&R professionals must attend industry events, scouting concerts, and nightlife events to find new talent.
  • Artist Development: Working with artists to hone their songwriting and production skills, and helping them define their artistic identity.
  • Signing: Negotiating and signing contracts with new talent.
  • Promotion: Working with marketing, publicists, and management to promote artists and increase their reach.

Career Paths

A&R personnel in NYC may work for a record label, artist management company, independent promotion company, or even have an independent career. For those just entering the music industry, an internship or paid assistant role is often the best way to break in.


A&R jobs in NYC are highly competitive, but they offer the opportunity to be part of the creative and profitable world of music. With the right qualifications, experience, and connections, you can make a successful career in this dynamic field.


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