a&r manager job description

a&r manager job description

A&R Manager Job Description

An A&R Manager is an essential role in the music industry responsible for finding and nurturing new talent. The A&R Manager is tasked with discovering, signing, and promoting talented artists and songwriters, as well as helping to develop their careers.


  • Seeking out talent: The A&R Manager is responsible for scouting new music talent and identifying promising artists and songwriters.
  • Promoting talent: The A&R Manager will work closely with the artist and the record label to promote the artist and reach their target audience.
  • Developing artists: The A&R Manager is tasked with guiding and developing artists to ensure their sound is appropriate for the target audience and their release schedule is consistent.
  • Building relationships: The A&R Manager will work to build relationships with labels, booking agents, media outlets, and other music professionals.
  • Negotiating deals: The A&R Manager is responsible for negotiating deals between the artist, the label, and other music professionals.


  • Music industry experience: Previous experience or knowledge in the music industry is a must for an A&R Manager.
  • Networking skills: Developing and maintaining relationships are essential in an A&R Manager position.
  • Organizational skills: The A&R Manager must be able to manage complex projects and deal with multiple competing tasks.
  • Strong Communication Skills: A&R Managers must be able to communicate effectively with artists, labels, and other music professionals.

The A&R Manager is a dynamic and challenging role within the music industry. The successful A&R Manager must have a keen ear for talent and possess excellent networking, organizational, and communication skills. If you are passionate about music and have the above-mentioned skills, then you may have what it takes to become an A&R Manager.


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