are travel nursing jobs in hawaii a bad move

are travel nursing jobs in hawaii a bad move

Are Travel Nursing Jobs in Hawaii A Bad Move?

Traveling to Hawaii for any reason is considered a great move, so you might think that traveling to Hawaii as a nurse is a great opportunity. While it can be a great experience, there are a few things you should consider before making the jump.


  • Beautiful Location: No doubt, Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place and you will have the opportunity to enjoy its beaches, its natural beauty, and the culture in a very unique way.
  • Great Pay: Traveling nurses can make significantly more than traditional nurses with the same level of experience due to the high demand for healthcare professionals in Hawaii.
  • Choose Where You Work: With travel nursing jobs, you have the luxury of choosing where you will work. You can choose from rural clinics, major hospitals, or long-term care facilities.


  • Expensive Living: Although you may make more money in Hawaii, the cost of living is substantially higher, and you will end up paying more for rent, food, and other essentials.
  • Limited Benefits: Travel nurses don’t typically receive the same benefits as full-time employees, such as health and dental insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations.
  • Language Barrier: Since Hawaiian is the official language, the language barrier can be a problem for those who are not fluent in the native tongue.

Overall, travel nursing jobs in Hawaii can be a great opportunity for those who are looking for a change of pace, or for those who want to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. However, there are potential downsides that you should take into consideration before making the move.


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