can a bartender drink on the job

can a bartender drink on the job

Can A Bartender Drink On The Job?

An interesting question that has no definite answer, due to laws and regulations varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is best to know the rules of the area, in which one is working, to know for certain.

Pros of Drinking On the Job for Bartenders

  • Improved Product Knowledge – When a bartender drinks their own drinks, they have a better understanding of the flavors, allow them to recommend the best drinks for customers.
  • Better Connection with Clients – Drinking while tending bar can create a more relaxed atmosphere. This can build relationships with customers, which can be beneficial in business.

Cons of Drinking On the Job for Bartenders

  • Real Risk of Over-Serving – Even if a bartender is drinking responsibly, there is a risk of over-serving and getting in trouble with the law.
  • Potential Damage to Professional Image – Beverage producers and retailers may not be too fond of a bartender who is seen drinking on the job, as it reflects poorly on the establishment they are employed at.


Whether or not it is appropriate to drink while tending bar depends on the laws and regulations of the area in which it is done. It is best to investigate the local laws and regulations of a job before making the decision to drink on the job.


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