can a dui affect your job

can a dui affect your job

Can a DUI Affect Your Job?

If you have been convicted or even just arrested for a DUI, there’s a chance that it could have an adverse effect on your current or potential employment. It might take some time, but at some point a company might notice the DUI conviction and take the necessary steps to terminate your employment or deny you a job.

What should you do after a DUI arrest?

If you have already been arrested and/or convicted of a DUI, the steps you take after the fact are essential in determining your chances of keeping a job.

  • Seek a legal counsel: The most important step you can take is to contact a lawyer who can help you with prior DUI charges.
  • Understand the consequences of your convictions: Your lawyer can explain the specific consequences of your DUI conviction and what steps should be taken to avoid further complications.
  • Enroll in alcohol classes: Another potential step you can take is to voluntarily enroll in alcohol classes or attend an alcohol addiction program.
  • Invest in technology to monitor your habits: Companies like EverDrive and Intoxalock have developed products to keep track of your driving habits as well as monitor you for potential alcohol abuse.

The ramification of a DUI on your job

There are numerous possibilities of how a DUI can affect your current employment situation or any chance of getting a job in the future.

  • Losing the existing job: For jobs that required a license, such as truckers, pilots, or delivery drivers, chances are that you’ll be fired for the DUI. Other jobs may have an automotive requirement, in which case you may have to find an alternative role or lose your job altogether.
  • Denied employment: Even if a DUI arrest was years ago, if it shows up on your background check then you’re likely to be denied employment.
  • Lost promotions: A DUI conviction might lead to a promotion being denied, regardless of a candidate’s qualifications.
  • Withdrawn contracts: Employers might also use the DUI record to withdraw their offer of employment or reduce the offered compensation.

In conclusion, a DUI conviction can have a serious effect on your current or future job status. To minimize the damage, it is important to immediately seek legal help and follow the guidelines set by a lawyer to limit or reverse the impact of the conviction.


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