can a felon get a government job

can a felon get a government job

Can a Felon Get a Government Job?

Whether or not a convicted felon can get a government job depends on the type of crime, the time that has passed since the conviction, and the nature of the desired government job. Some felons may have an opportunity to obtain a government job, while others may not.

Factors Affecting a Felon’s Eligibility for a Government Job

  • Type of Crime: Certain types of convictions, such as fraud, embezzlement, or theft, may make a felon ineligible for certain government jobs. Other convictions, such as a drug offense, may not be a problem if enough time has passed since the conviction.
  • Time Since Conviction: Depending on the type of crime, how long since the conviction, and other factors, the amount of time since a conviction may affect a felon’s eligibility for a government job.
  • Nature of Government Job: Some government jobs may be off limits to felons with certain convictions, as the nature of the job may require a certain level of trust that has been betrayed.

Factors That May Help a Felon Obtain a Government Job

  • Rehabilitation: Since the conviction, have the proper steps been taken to remedy any harm that was done to society and demonstrate that the felon has been rehabilitated and is trustworthy?
  • References: Gaining professional references who will vouch for a felon’s trustworthiness and work ethic can help gain a government job.
  • Education: Undergoing an educational program in which a felon can demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the desired field may serve as an indicator of competence and trustworthiness.

In conclusion, it is possible for a felon to get a government job depending on the factors mentioned above. At the same time, those with criminal convictions may need to take the extra steps mentioned above to be eligible for a government job.


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