can a restraining order affect my job

can a restraining order affect my job

How Can a Restraining Order Affect Your Job?

A restraining order is issued by a court, legally prohibiting a person from interacting with another individual in any way. As a result, a restraining order can potentially have an impact on an individual’s job, both in terms of their performance and their employment.

Potential Impact on Performance

A restraining order may restrict or prohibit an individual from visiting certain places or partaking in certain activities. If an individual’s job requires them to be in any place that is a location restricted by the restraining order, then they may not be able to fulfill their work duties and may be at risk of being observed as a less than satisfactory employee.

This may also apply to attendance at meetings or conferences which the employee may be required to attend due to their job role. If the employee is restricted from attending as a result of the restraining order, then they may not be able to fulfill their job requirements and may struggle to explain this to their employer. It may also be difficult to ensure that the employee is kept up to date on work events and progress if they are not in attendance.

Further, if any work takes an individual away from home or office, there may be restrictions of the locations that the employee has permission to visit which could make their job role impossible to fulfill in its entirety.

Potential Impact on Employment

A restraining order may also have an implicit impact on the employee in terms of their employment. Often times, restraining orders are issued in cases of domestic violence, family disputes and other criminal offences.

If information is revealed about the employee’s restraining order case to their employer, then their employer may choose to terminate the employee’s employment.The employee may be seen as a hazard to other employee, customers, business partners or suppliers and the employer may not want to be associated with this type of controversy.

What Can the Employee Do?

It is important for an employee who is subject to a restraining order to be upfront and honest with their employer. They should look to explain their circumstances and the nature of the restraint in a professional way.

It is also important that the employee is aware of their rights and any provisions given to them by their employer. In some countries and states, employers must protect the inclusive rights of their employees, meaning that employers cannot terminate the employment of an individual solely because of a restraining order.


A restraining order does not always automatically mean that an individual must say goodbye to their job. By understanding the potential impact of the restraining order on the individual’s job performance and employment, the individual can be mindful of their actions to ensure that their restraining order does not come between them and their job.


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