can a restraining order prevent you from getting a job


Can a Restraining Order Prevent You from Getting a Job?

At some point in life, you may feel the need to file a restraining order against an individual. Restraining orders, also called protective orders, are a court order that prohibits the person who the order is filed against from coming in contact with you, either directly or indirectly. But, what most people don’t know is that restraining orders can affect your job search.

What Employers Can Find Out

When you are going through the interview process with a potential employer, you may be asked to participate in a background check. A background check is when a potential employer checks your history, including your criminal and personal records. Depending on the type of background check you are required to take, it may come up that you have a restraining order filed against you. It is important to note that employers who opt for a basic background check may miss this information.

The Effect on Your Job Prospects

As you can imagine, if an employer finds out you have a restraining order filed against you, it could affect your chances of being hired. Some employers may need to consider the safety of their employees, or they may question your character, and they may decide against offering you the job.

What You Can Do

When preparing for a job interview, it is important to be prepared to explain your restraining order. You can do this by gathering the facts and being honest with the employer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • Be honest: Explain the circumstances that led you to file the restraining order. This can be a difficult conversation to have, but it is important to be honest.


    • Let your character speak for you: Explain how the restraining order does not define who you are, and how this experience has made you a stronger person.


    • Emphasize how the experience can be a benefit: Explain how the experience has taught you valuable lessons and how it can be an asset at the workplace.


Having a restraining order filed against you can affect your job search. When going through the interview process, it is important to be prepared to explain the restraining order and stress the positive experience you have learned from it. It is also important to be honest and let your character speak for you. With the right attitude and approach, you can find yourself the job you are looking for.


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