can a sex offender get a job

can a sex offender get a job

Can a Sex Offender Obtain a Job?

It is no secret that sex offenders face numerous difficulties when it comes to finding employment. For many employers, past convictions for a sex offense means the applicant is too great a risk to hire. Despite the difficulties, however, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.”

Job Prospects

There are certain professions that are closed off to sex offenders, such as working with children, the elderly or in a healthcare setting. If the job an offender is looking for is within these fields, then it is likely they will never be hired. That said, there are many places of employment which remain open to them, such as food service, factories, landscaping and retail.

Additionally, many online job sites list numerous available jobs for sex offenders. In some cases, employers who understand the difficulty such offenders have in finding jobs may actually give them extra consideration. It can be beneficial to include the length of time since their release from prison, as well as any volunteer work they have done within the community, in their resume.

The Rehabilitation Process

No matter what types of jobs are available to them, sex offenders will need to remain dedicated to the rehabilitation process. In most cases, this involves attending regular therapy sessions, as well as maintaining an active lifestyle and participating in activities that benefit the offender and their community.

By doing all of these things, offenders can show their employers that they have made substantial efforts in changing both their own behavior and thinking, as well as in building new and healthier relations with their former victims.


The fact is, there are no straightforward answers when it comes to the issue of finding employment for sex offenders. It may take a great deal of effort, dedication and hard work, but it is possible to find one. It is important to remember that, post-conviction, the offender is still a member of society and deserving of the chance to build a new life with gainful employment.

Once again, the answer is yes – a sex offender can get a job.

  • Take the time to find an appropriate job for your skill set.
  • Remain dedicated to the rehabilitation process.
  • Include relevant information about post sentence activities on your resume.
  • Be willing to explain your past convictions, if necessary.


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