can a sex offender get a job

can a sex offender get a job

Can a Sex Offender Get a Job?

Any employer’s top priority is, and should be, the safety of their employees and customers. For this reason, sex offenders often find it hard, but not impossible, to land a job. Even so, after being convicted of a sexual offence, people must face difficult personal and professional challenges as they try to rebuild their lives.

What Is a Sex Offender?

A ‘sex offender’ is somebody who has been convicted of a sexual offense. In general, these offenses come in three broad categories:

  • Acts of statutory rape:When an adult has sexual contact with a minor
  • Sexual assault: When a person forces another person to have sexual contact against their will
  • Possession of child pornography:When someone has sexual images of minors in their possession

Finding a Job As a Sex Offender

In many cases, sex offenders must register with the police and their details at put on the national Sex Offenders’ Register. This means that employers often have access to this information and can consider it when making hiring decisions.

Under US federal law, a potential employer cannot deny a job to an applicant based solely on the fact that they are a sex offender. State laws, however, may differ. Additionally, employers may deny a job if they believe it is not in the best interests of their business or their employees.

What Solutions Are Available?

People who have been convicted of a sexual offence will require special assistance to find a job. There are a variety of government and private organizations that offer employment resources to people with criminal convictions.

One of the most important steps is to be open and honest with your potential employers. Most employers prefer to have the truth up front, and some may be willing to hire someone on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of their offense.


Finding a job after being convicted of a sexual offense is a difficult endeavor. Although sex offenders may face discrimination and prejudice, it is possible to overcome this. An offender can increase their chances of finding a job by reaching out to support organizations and being open and honest in their job search.


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