can a warrant stop you from getting a job

can a warrant stop you from getting a job

Can a Warrant Stop You from Getting a Job?

The short answer is yes, a warrant can prevent you from getting a job. While there are no national laws explicitly forbidding employers from hiring people with warrants, many employers have policies that prevent them from hiring anyone with a criminal record.

What Is A Warrant?

A warrant is an order from a judge or court that authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest someone and hold them in custody or search a premise for items sought for evidence related to a criminal case. Warrants are issued by criminal courts when a person is suspected of committing a crime.

How Can a Warrant Affect a Job Search?

When a potential employer runs a background check, they may discover a warrant in your name. This could lead to the employer refusing to hire you, regardless of the nature of the warrant itself.

Are There Exceptions?

In some cases, especially when the warrant is related to a minor offense, the employer may choose to overlook it. However, this is not always the case, so it’s important to know your rights and to make sure your record is clear.

What Steps Should I Take?

  • Be proactive about clearing your record. Get in touch with a lawyer to discuss your options.
  • Be prepared to explain any warrants or other charges on your record. Employers may be willing to overlook minor offenses, especially if you have a good explanation for them.
  • Be honest about your past. Don’t try to hide or downplay any of your criminal history, as this may come to light during a background check.
  • If possible, try to get the warrant removed or quashed. This can significantly improve your chances of obtaining employment.

It is important to remember that a warrant can have a major impact on a job search, however it is not always a death sentence. Be honest with potential employers and take steps to clear your name so that you can move past your criminal record.


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