can dui stop you getting job

can dui stop you getting job

Can a DUI Stop You from Getting a Job?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If a DUI is on your record, it can make it more difficult to find gainful employment. Many employers run background checks, and anything found in them could be used to disqualify you from being hired.

How Can a DUI Impact a Job Search?

A DUI can affect your job search in the following ways:

  • Potential employers run background checks and will likely see your DUI.
  • The DUI on your criminal record may raise a red flag for employers.
  • If you apply for some jobs, you may have to disclose the DUI.
  • In some cases, employers may deny your application due to the DUI.

Are There Options for Getting a Job with a DUI?

Thankfully, there are still options for getting a job even with a DUI on your record. Here are a few possible options you can explore:

  • Talk to your employer: If you already have a job, and you recently got a DUI, consider talking to your employer about it. Explain the situation, and provide evidence that you’ve taken steps to address it.
  • Look for companies that are more accepting: Some employers are more accepting of a DUI on an applicant’s record. It may be worthwhile to research companies you’re interested in, to see if they are lenient toward DUI related incidents.
  • Take steps to move forward: Lastly, it’s important to take steps to move forward from your DUI. Take classes, volunteer or find opportunities that can demonstrate that you’re taking responsibility for your actions.

In conclusion, a DUI can make it difficult to get a job, but it is not impossible. If you have a DUI on your record, there are still options available to you. With proper research, preparation and hard work, you can still find gainful employment.


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