can i get a job as a self taught programmer

can i get a job as a self taught programmer

Can I Get A Job As A Self Taught Programmer?

Programming can be an extremely versatile and rewarding field, but so many people could be discouraged on their journey to learning a coding language. It can be said especially true for those looking to become a programmer without a college degree. So, is it possible to become a self-taught programmer and get a job in the field?

The Right Mindset

Living in a digital age makes it easier than ever to start learning how to code, but self-teaching usually requires a more dedicated effort. Before considering taking the plunge, it is important to stop and ask yourself if the job of a programmer is really the right one for you and if you are really committed to learning everything about the topic.

The Resources

One of the biggest advantages of self-teaching is the freedom to choose from a variety of learning resource. The internet with its countless coding tutorials, resources, and open source platforms allows you to pick and choose exactly what you need to learn. Here are some key resources:

  • Coding Languages: Whether you choose to focus learning on Python, JavaScript or another language, it is important to master the syntax and style for that language.
  • Libraries and Frameworks: Understanding modeling, libraries and frameworks can help you build the building blocks of functional web and mobile applications.
  • Development Tools: Using integrated development environments can help streamline your coding process and speed up your development time.
  • Design Principles: Much of being a great programmer revolves around understanding good design principles, so discovering the foundations of visual and interaction design is key.
  • Soft Skills: Developing a collaborative mindset, analyzing user needs and learning to effectively communicate can go a long way in getting a job in the programming field.

The Reality of the Job Market

As the job market of programming teams grows, so does the competition to get a job with solely a self-taught background. It is important to look for opportunities such as internships or freelancing jobs to get more experience as you progress in learning. In addition, many coding bootcamps offer an accelerated program where you can learn in-depth coding skills in as little as two months.

The majority of those with the self-taught background are able to land a job with the ability to prove their skills and experiences. It really all comes down to the amount of work you are willing to invest in yourself to get there. Self-teaching can provide great flexibility and effort but requires an extraordinary amount of dedication and perseverance.

At the end of the day, it is certainly possible to land a job as a self-taught programmer – you just need the right tools, knowledge and motivation.


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