can i get a job in usa with indian degree

can i get a job in usa with indian degree

Can I Get A Job In USA With An Indian Degree?

Qualifications For Working In USA

Moving to the United States to work can be both an exciting and a stressful experience. While you may feel a sense of anticipation for the many opportunities that are available in the United States, you may also feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliar educational requirements and hoops you must jump through to immigrate to the US and gain employment.

One of the biggest questions people from other countries have when considering working in the US is whether or not they can work in the US with an Indian degree. The answer is yes, with certain qualifications.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to work in the United States with an Indian degree, you must:

  • Obtain a visa: In order to legally enter and work in the United States, you need a valid visa. Depending on your reason for traveling, there are different types of financial, student/employment, and/or family-based visas available to qualifying applicants.
  • Verify degree equivalency: Degrees awarded in India must be verified for US equivalency. US schools and employers will want to verify the quality and validity of the degree you hold, so it’s important that you provide the necessary documents to get this process started.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English: Most job postings in the US require a level of English proficiency. You will more than likely need to take a standardized test to demonstrate your language proficiency. Acquiring certification in English, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is beneficial.
  • Get work authorization: Working in the US requires you to apply for a work authorization document. You must provide evidence of your visa and qualifications for the position you are applying for to be eligible for a work permit.

Finding Employment With A Foreign Degree

It is possible to get a job in the United States with an Indian degree, but there are a few steps to take in order to be eligible for work authorization. You should also consider researching US employers and familiarizing yourself with American work culture. Working with a staffing agency, such as Global Employment Solutions, can help you narrow down potential jobs and provide guidance along the way.

With the right qualifications and effort, you can make your dreams of working in the United States a reality with an Indian degree.

Good Luck and Happy Job Hunting!


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