can i get a job with a misdemeanor warrant

can i get a job with a misdemeanor warrant

Can I Get a Job with a Misdemeanor Warrant?

Finding a job can be difficult and stressful, but doing so with an open misdemeanor warrant is even more challenging. Although the warrant itself does not prevent one from legally working, the criminal record needed to obtain the warrant can have a significant impact on one’s chances of being hired.

Potential Challenges

Though an individual may not be legally prevented from obtaining a job due to a misdemeanor warrant, there are a variety of potential challenges:

  • Employee Background Check: Many employers, especially those in the financial services and healthcare sectors, run a background check on prospective employees. The individual may be screened through the state criminal database, which will show the open warrant.
  • Hiring Process: Employers may decide not to hire someone with a misdemeanor warrant, given the risk it could present their company or organization. Therefore, it is possible that the individual may be asked about their warrant during the hiring process, leading to a possible disqualification.
  • Professional Licensing: Depending on the profession an individual is seeking, it is possible that they may need a professional license, such as an accounting license, security guard certification, or nursing license. These licenses are often contingent upon a clean criminal background and may be denied to individuals who meet certain criteria, such as having an open misdemeanor warrant.

Options for Employment

Fortunately, there are still potential options for those wanting to work while having a misdemeanor warrant. For example:

  • Part-Time Jobs: It may be possible to find a part-time or seasonal job that does not require a background check or professional licensing. This could be an ideal situation for those wanting to work for only a few hours a week or for short periods of time.
  • Temp Agencies: Temporary agencies can provide short-term assignments for individuals with an open misdemeanor warrant. These short-term assignments are often associated with physical labor and typically do not require a background check. Furthermore, if successful, the individual may be offered a more permanent position from one of the agency’s clients.
  • Home-Based Businesses: Similarly, working from home as a freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur also allows an individual to bypass a background check. This could be a great option for those wanting to take advantage of their skills and start their own business.


Overall, having an open misdemeanor warrant does not legally prevent an individual from getting a job, but it can limit the number of positions that are available. It is possible to find work, especially through temporary agencies, part-time opportunities, or home-based businesses. With a bit of effort and determination, those with a misdemeanor warrant can still find a job that fits their skills and goals.


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