can i get a job with a nolle prosequi

can i get a job with a nolle prosequi

Can I Get a Job with a Nolle Prosequi?

A nolle prosequi is a legal term which means the prosecutor or district attorney will no longer be pursuing a criminal charge against an alleged offender. This means that the alleged offender is, in effect, free of the particular criminal charges.

Eligibility for Employment

The dismissal of criminal charges due to a nolle prosequi does not necessarily bar an individual from attaining employment. In many cases, a nolle prosequi results in no conviction as the charges were dropped or dismissed due to insufficient evidence, meaning potential employers will have no record of the charges.

That being said, many potential employers may ask about criminal charges that have resulted in a nolle prosequi. In this case, it is best to be honest about this but provide evidence that the charges have been dismissed. In addition, potential employers may have access to court documents or other public records.

Benefits of a Nolle Prosequi

A dismissal due to nolle prosequi can have some benefits for applicants when it comes to job prospects. For example, certain criminal convictions can make it difficult to attain employment across a wide range of fields. As a result, a nolle prosequi can open up a wider range of job opportunities.

In addition, a nolle prosequi can give the individual the opportunity to move past the criminal charge without the burden of a conviction. This means that the individual may not be required to disclose their criminal conduct on job or school applications.

Advice for Applicants

When applying for a job, it is important to be honest about any criminal charges that have resulted in a nolle prosequi. However, it is also important to provide evidence that the charges have been dismissed and the individual is now free from any conviction.

In addition, potential employers will likely be more interested in an applicant’s skills, qualifications and work history than whether they have been accused of a crime. Here are some tips for applicants seeking job opportunities with a nolle prosequi:

  • Highlight skills: Focus on the skills and qualifications that make you a great candidate.
  • Be honest: If asked about criminal charges, provide evidence that the charges have been dismissed.
  • Be prepared to explain: Explain any mistakes you may have made in the past and how you have learned from them.
  • Put your best foot forward: Focus on the positive by highlighting awards, achievements and other successes.

In conclusion, it is certainly possible to attain employment opportunities with a nolle prosequi, as long as the individual is honest and presents themselves in the best possible light.


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