can i get a job with a purdue global degree

can i get a job with a purdue global degree

Can I Get a Job With a Purdue Global Degree?

Purdue Global is an online university that provides students with flexible and affordable learning options. But you might be wondering: can I get a job with a Purdue Global degree? The answer is, absolutely yes! Here’s why:

Accredited Degrees

Purdue Global is fully accredited and recognized by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). A degree from Purdue Global is equivalent to a degree from any other accredited college or university. Employers understand this and view Purdue Global degrees as professional credentials.

Rigorous Curriculum

Purdue Global’s courses are designed to provide real-world skills that can be applied directly to the workplace. Our rigorous curriculum and engaging online learning format help to prepare graduates for success in their chosen fields.

Career Services

Purdue Global provides its alumni with access to career services and ongoing career development resources. We also have a dedicated team of career advisors that provide personalized career support and networking assistance. This can be a huge advantage when looking for jobs and internships.

Real-world Experience

While a Purdue Global degree can get you started on your career path, employers also like to see real-world experience. You can gain this experience through internships, part-time or full-time jobs, volunteer work, or other activities. Any of these can be valuable in helping you stand out from the competition.


In conclusion, a Purdue Global degree can absolutely help you get a job. With its accredited degrees, rigorous curriculum, career services, and the possibility of real-world experience, you can be sure that you have the skills employers are looking for in today’s job market.


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