can i get a job with cdl permit

can i get a job with cdl permit

Can I Get a Job with a CDL Permit?

Yes, it is possible to get a job while you possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) permit. Depending on the job you are looking for and the permit type you have, you may or may not need additional qualifications prior to hiring.

Types of Permits

The type of permit your have will have a direct impact on what jobs you should be considering.

  • Non-Restricted: Non-restricted permits are for regular vehicles, such as a straight truck, passenger vehicle, or construction vehicle. With this type of permit, you may be able to start with a full- or part-time job.
  • Restricted: A restricted permit means you are only able to drive certain truck classes, such as an RV or Street-Car. For certain jobs, like a chauffeur who requires knowledge of how to maintain an RV, this type of permit may be beneficial. However, if you are seeking a more general position, the non-restricted permit would be the best option.
  • Transporting Hazardous Materials: This type of permit requires additional training and qualifications and is issued to drivers who will be transporting hazardous materials. If you possess this kind of permit, you may be able to apply for jobs as a truck driver that involve the transport of hazardous materials.

Potential Jobs with a CDL

Holding a CDL permit can open the door to some great job opportunities. Some of the most common jobs for those with a CDL permit include:

  • Taxi Driver or Chauffeur
  • Truck Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Construction Worker
  • Forklift Operator
  • Courier
  • Event Staff
  • Bus Operator
  • Freight and Baggage Handler

Regardless of the type of permit you have, it is important to remember that additional qualifications may be necessary for some jobs. As such, you should always investigate and research potential positions to find out what requirements are needed.


Having a CDL permit can be beneficial for those looking for new job opportunities. If you possess a permit, knowing what type you have, what jobs are available, and any additional qualifications necessary can help ensure you are able to find the perfect job.


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