can i get a new job while on workers comp

can i get a new job while on workers comp

Can I Get a New Job While on Workers Comp?

In some states, depending on the type of injury, it is permissible for a worker to look for another job while still receiving workers’ compensation benefits. This is known as concurrent wage-loss, and is determined according to the state’s workers’ compensation policy. Each state may have its own regulations, so you should check with the relevant state laws to make sure it is permissible in your case.

Pros of A Concurrent Wage-loss

  • Risk-free Income – Workers’ compensation benefits are paid out regardless of a worker’s current employment status, so any wage-loss from the new job won’t affect the worker’s original benefits.
  • Future Planning: – The worker will be receiving income from both sources to help cover costs related to their injury as well as its lengthy rehabilitation.

Cons of A Concurrent Wage-loss

  • Changed Status: – If the worker has moved to a new job, they may be considered to be in a different category or have a different status than when they first received their workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Reduced Benefits: – The workers’ compensation benefits will start to be reduced as the workers’ income from the new job increases.


Finding a new job while receiving workers’ compensation benefits may be possible in certain states, but you should always check with the relevant state laws to ensure it is permissible in your case. There may be both pros and cons associated with such an arrangement, but it could be an ideal solution for those struggling to pay their bills while injured and awaiting a return to work.


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