can i get a truck driving job with an accident

can i get a truck driving job with an accident

Can I Get a Truck Driving Job with an Accident?

Truck driving is a popular industry and it can be a great job, but what happens if you have an accident on the road? Does that disqualify you from being hired as a truck driver?

Understanding Accidents

When it comes to job qualifications, any accidents that you’ve had on the road as a commercial driver will likely be taken into consideration. Depending on the type of accident and your overall driving record, you may be disqualified from certain positions. Generally, it is more difficult to get hired if you have several accidents in a short amount of time, or if you have a negligent driving record.

Potential Employers

Major commercial trucking companies usually go through a thorough background check when hiring a driver, including reviewing your entire driving record. Having a clean driving record will always help when applying for jobs, but a single accident won’t automatically disqualify you.

If you’ve been involved in a single accident, and it wasn’t because of negligence, then you may still be able to find a job in the trucking industry.

Local Trucking Companies

Smaller, local trucking companies may be more lenient when it comes to hiring individuals with a single accident on their record. Because these companies have fewer regulations and don’t have to abide by strict hiring practices, they may be more willing to give someone a chance regardless of their prior accidents.

Accident Prevention Is Key

As with any job, safety is a top priority when it comes to truck driving. All employers, big and small, need to ensure that all employees are practicing safe driving habits and following the law.

To increase your chances of landing a job as a truck driver, it’s important to focus on accident prevention. Take defensive driving courses, stay up to date on safety regulations and laws, and focus on driving safely at all times.


Overall, it is possible to get a truck driver job with an accident on your record. Depending on the type of accident and your overall driving record, you may be able to find a job.

It’s important to remember that employers value safe driving and focus on accident prevention when hiring truck drivers. As long as you demonstrate your commitment to safety and follow the rules of the road, you may be able to get a job in the trucking industry.


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