can i keep my job after workers’ comp settlement


Can I Keep My Job After a Worker’s Comp Settlement?

Receiving a settlement from a workers’ compensation claim can be a relief. However, depending on your role and the circumstances surrounding your injury, you may be required to leave your job. In this article, we will explore the situation further to assess whether a settlement should impact your employment status.

Does a Settlement Mean You Must Quit Your Job?

In most cases, after a workers’ compensation settlement, you are still able to keep your job. Many employers are willing to accommodate employees returning from injury with reasonable accommodations, such as a lightened duties or temporary reassignment. However, if you feel unable to perform the tasks of your job, you may need to agree to a severance package as part of your settlement agreement.

What Factors Can Affect Whether You May Keep Your Job?

The most significant factors that can affect your ability to remain employed include:

    • Your Injury: How severe is the injury and will it limit your ability to perform your role?


    • The Industry: Certain industries may be more forgiving than others when it comes to an employee returning from an injury.


    • Your Employment Status: If you are a temporary or seasonal employee, your job may not be held open for you. In contrast, salaried workers may be promised a job or job search assistance as part of their settlement.


What Can You Do To Ensure You Keep Your Job?

The best way to ensure you can keep your job after a workers’ compensation settlement is to keep your employer informed about your recovery, especially if your injury is mild. You should stay up to date with your doctor’s visits and the progress they report, and keep your employer apprised of any changes.

You should also have a discussion with your employer to determine whether you can return to work with accommodations or reassignment. If an accommodation is not feasible, your employer should provide you with written notice when terminating you and any benefits you are entitled to. In some cases, your settlement may include severance or unemployment insurance payments.


Receiving a settlement from a workers’ compensation claim does not always mean you must leave your job. Depending on your injury, industry, and employment status, you may still be able to remain employed. To be sure, it is essential to stay in contact with your employer, follow your medical treatment, and keep them informed of your progress. Doing so can help ensure you can remain employed or, if not, afford you with the necessary benefits to move forward.


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