can i sue my job if i get hurt

can i sue my job if i get hurt

Can I Sue My Job If I Get Hurt?

If you get physically injured on the job, you deserve to be compensated for the damages brought upon you. Today, more and more people are asking the question: “Can I sue my job if I get hurt?”

Workers’ Compensation

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of injury you’ve suffered. So, the first step is to determine if the injury falls under the jurisdiction of the Workers’ Compensation system. This system covers most workplace injuries, and using it often precludes suing your employer.

If the injury is covered under Workers’ Compensation, you’ll typically receive benefits for medical bills, lost wages, and additional costs associated with the injury.

When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit is an Option

In some cases, you may be able to sue your employer for a work-related injury. Here are a few scenarios where filing a personal injury lawsuit would be an option:

  • Your employer’s negligence was willful or intentional.
  • The injury was caused by an intentional act by your employer.
  • The injury was caused by a product.
  • The employer does not legally provide Workers’ Compensation.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit requires you to prove that your employer acted with negligence and that this negligence directly caused the injury, so be aware that the process of lawsuits can be challenging.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured

If you’ve sustained a workplace injury and are asking the question, “Can I sue my job if I get hurt?” here are the main steps you should take to ensure you get the compensation you deserve:

  • Go to the hospital immediately.
  • Report the injury to your employer and file a claim.
  • Gather evidence to build your case.
  • Talk to a qualified attorney about your options.

Suing your employer can be a complex legal process, so it’s important to consult with a qualified attorney who can advise and guide you through the next steps.


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