can i work two jobs on h1b


Can I Work Two Jobs on H1B?

The H1B work visa is an important visa for international citizens seeking to work in the United States. It is available to those who can prove that they have specialized skills or knowledge required to fill a job in the U.S. that cannot be filled with a local, U.S. based worker.

Many people who hold an H1B visa will have a single job at one employer. But for those who wish to work two jobs, the answer is more complex.

What are the Rules?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a few specific regulations regarding what holders of an H1B visa cannot and can do. Generally, people who hold an H1B visa are only allowed to work at the job they have been authorized to perform. This means they cannot take additional side jobs or perform any other kind of work without being approved in advance by the USCIS.

What Can I Do?

Despite usually being limited to one job, there are certain exceptions that allow those with an H1B to work for more than one employer. Here are a few of the situations in which a person can have more than one job on their H1B:

    • Simultaneous Employment: An individual can have two separate jobs at the same time, provided that both jobs are related to the specialty of their H1B and the dual employment does not violate any other laws.
    • Concurrent Employment: An individual who already has an H1B visa can be granted permission to temporarily work on another one. This second H1B job must be related to the main job and the individual must obtain another LCA.
    • Part-time Employment: An H1B holder can take a part-time job that is related to their specialization, provided they do not exceed more than 60 days of part-time employment per year.



Having two jobs on an H1B visa is generally not permissible without obtaining approval from the USCIS. In some cases, such as simultaneous, concurrent or part-time employment, the USCIS may allow it on the condition that it is related to the original job and does not violate any other laws. If you are interested in working two jobs on an H1B visa, it is important to thoroughly research the regulations and restrictions to make sure you are in compliance.


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