can job fire you for being sick

can job fire you for being sick

Can you be Fired for being Sick?

Being sick can be a debilitating experience, leaving you too exhausted to go to work and take care of your daily tasks. Unfortunately, sometimes, an employee’s fear that they might be fired for being too unwell to come in for work can be well-founded. There are some circumstances in which employers can lawfully terminate an employee for being sick.

Unpaid Leave

An employer can, depending on local workplace laws, fire an employee for having had too many days of unpaid leave. If an employee takes a few days without prior notice and without prior approval, then that employer has the right to terminate the employee, as long as their workplace laws permit it. It’s important to check the local workplace laws before allowing employees to take such unpaid leaves.

Chronic Illness

Employers also have the right to terminate an employee if a chronic illness interferes with their work performance. Employers don’t need to accommodate chronic illnesses, unless it’s mandated by their local laws. If an employee’s chronic illness results in taking multiple sick days a month, or the illness makes it difficult for the employee to perform their duties, then the employer can legally terminate the employee.

Abuse of Sick Leave

Employers are also within their rights to terminate employees for abusing sick leave. If an employee is taking sick days for reasons that don’t justify it, such as taking vacations or going shopping, then the employer has the right to dismiss the employee. Such behavior is contradictory to the policies of the company and can rightfully lead to legal termination.

Workplace Laws

It’s important to note that the rights of employers to fire employees may differ depending on their local workplace laws. Some may be more forgiving if the employee is genuinely sick, while others may allow employers to be stricter. It’s important to refer to the local laws to understand your rights and responsibilities.


In conclusion, getting sick can be a debilitating experience, and it’s important to take the necessary precautions to make sure that you can protect your job security. Understanding your workplace laws is key to ensuring that you don’t lose your job because of illness.


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