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Drug Testing of Minors in the Workplace

Many employers require drug tests prior to hiring employees, but the question that often arises is whether, and how, these tests can be imposed on minors. As minors are legally not allowed to use drugs or alcohol, employers may wonder if drug testing of minors is necessary.

Are Minors Taken into Account?

Yes, minors should be taken into account when considering workplace drug testing. Depending on the state you are in, minors may be subject to the same drug testing policies instituted for adults. Additionally, certain states and industries may have more stringent policies and laws when it comes to drug testing of minors.

Dependents on State Laws

State laws will dictate how and when a minor employee can be tested for drugs. Generally, employers must follow the state’s child labor laws, which help set guidelines on employee and minor safety and health. Therefore, drug testing of a minor employee in the workplace must comply with these labor laws.

What Should Employers Consider?

When considering drug testing of minors it is important for employers to be aware of the procedures and policies related to drug testing in their area.

These policies may consider:

    • Age and maturity: Minors may not necessarily have the same level of maturity or understanding of drug testing procedures as adults. This must be taken into account when creating drug testing policies for minors.


    • Testing type: The type of drug test administered and the amount of data collected should be considered when instituting drug testing policies for minors.


    • Privacy: The privacy, safety and confidentiality of information collected must be taken into account when testing minors.


It is important to note that, depending upon the state or type of industry, minors may not be subject to the same drug testing policies as their adult counterparts. In other words, employers should familiarize themselves with their local and state laws prior to instituting a drug testing policy for minors.

Ultimately, drug testing of minors must comply with child labor laws and should take into account the minor’s age, maturity and level of understanding. Additionally, employers should take into account the type of test administered, the amount of data collected and the privacy associated with testing minors.


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