can my employer change my job description

can my employer change my job description

Can My Employer Change my Job Description?

Job descriptions are essential documents used to outline the expectations and scope of a role within an organization. However, often seeks may change or evolve over time and when this happens is it often necessary to update job descriptions as well. But, is it permissible for an employer to make such changes?

What Are Job Descriptions?

Job descriptions can be a valuable tool to both employers and employees. They outline the duties and expectations of a role, the qualifications and experience required, the level of the job and the benefits and salary associated with the role.

A job description should also include information about how performance will be measured and how employees can develop and progress within the company. By understanding job descriptions, employers and employees can ensure that roles are properly understood and that expectations are met.

Can Employers Change a Job Description?

Although job descriptions should remain constant, employers may need to change them as businesses and departments develop over time.

Reasons for Changing Job Descriptions

The following are some potential reasons why an employer may need to alter a job description:

  • The role of the job has changed significantly.
  • The job needs additional skills and qualifications that weren’t previously necessary.
  • The salary or benefits associated with the role have been altered.
  • The employee needs to take on additional responsibilities.

Legalities of Changing Job Descriptions

Whether an employer has the right to change a job description can be a complex issue. Generally speaking, employers should make sure that any changes to a job description are agreed with their employees. Ideally, job descriptions should be regularly reviewed and any changes should be reflected in the job description.

Employers should also make sure that employees are aware of the changes and that any conversations regarding the changes are documented. This is important to avoid any confusion in the future between the employer and the employee.


Job descriptions are essential to ensure that roles are clearly understood, and that expectations and benefits are met for both employer and employee. They can, however, become outdated over time, meaning changes may be necessary. Employers should always ensure that any changes to job descriptions are agreed with their employees, documented and made clear.


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