can you get a good job with a ged

can you get a good job with a ged

Can You Get a Good Job With a GED?

Are you looking to change your life and enter the workforce by getting a GED, but not sure if it’s worth it? It can be hard to know if a GED will actually make a difference when it comes to getting a job.

The simple answer is:Yes, you can get a good job with a GED. A GED—or General Education Development—is an equivalency test that assesses basic academic areas of knowledge, such as reading and writing; social studies; science; and math. Having a GED is the same as having a high school diploma in the eyes of employers, and it can open the door to many jobs.

Benefits of Having a GED:

  • More Job Opportunities: Having a GED will give you access to more job opportunities than without. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers are more likely to hire applicants with a high school diploma or GED than applicants without either.
  • Better Wages: Another benefit of having a GED is that it may help you get a better paying job. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics also notes that on average, those with a GED out-earn those without a high school diploma.

GED Requirements:

In order to get a GED, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old, or have the written consent from your parent or legal guardian.
  • Not have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree.
  • Meet the requirements of your state. Each state may have slightly different requirements for taking the GED exam.

Tips For Getting a Good Job With a GED:

  • Get your GED. Make sure you are well-prepared for the GED by taking classes, studying, and practicing.
  • Look for jobs that fit your skills and experience. Many jobs that don’t require a college degree still require a GED; research different companies in the area to see what qualifications they require.
  • Be prepared for interviews. Interviewing for jobs is always intimidating, so be prepared with questions about the job and industry.
  • Highlight your GED. With the job application, include a cover letter that briefly explains why you opted to get a GED and the benefits of your education.

A GED is a great way to jumpstart your career and show potential employers that you have the necessary skills for the job. With hard work and preparation, you can get a good job with a GED.


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