can you get a job while waiting for disability

can you get a job while waiting for disability

Can you Get a Job While Waiting for Disability?

When you are dealing with a disability, finding employment can be a challenge. But should you forgo a job altogether when waiting for disability, or can you still take on part-time or freelance employment? Depending on the type of disability you are dealing with and your current situation, there may be options for work.

Working Part-Time or Freelancing with a Disability

Dealing with a disability often comes with limitations or restricted ability to do certain activities, but there may still be ways to work. If a disability has left you limited in the amount of work you can do or the amount of time you can work, consider the following options:

  • Part-time Employment: If you are wanting to work while waiting for disability benefits, look into part-time or reduced hours positions that you can do with your disability. This could give you the opportunity to gain experience, make money and continue to work while you wait for disability if this is something that you’re able to work with.
  • Contract Work/Freelancing: Many people with a disability may find that freelancing or contract work is a beneficial option, particularly if your disability affects your ability to complete jobs in the allotted time frame. Freelance projects allow you to work as often or as little as you need, on your own terms without any demanding schedules.
  • Accommodations from Employers: Some employers are willing to provide accommodations for positions that may be out of reach for someone with a disability. Ask your employer or potential employers if they are willing to provide accommodations like special tools or equipment, or flexible working hours, to allow you to do the job you want.

Benefits of Working:

Working while waiting for disability can bring several benefits to your overall wellbeing. Some of the potential benefits include:

  • Provides Income: Working while waiting for disability benefits can provide some financial security while you wait, and can help you stay on top of bills and expenses.
  • Improves Mental Health: With a disability can come feelings of helplessness, depending on the severity and extent of the disability. Working, even if it’s just for a few hours each week, can give you a sense of purpose and help with depression and anxiety.
  • Maintains Social Interaction: Being around coworkers and interacting with people on a daily basis can help with managing your disability. This social interaction can help you keep up with current events and also give you the chance to make new friends.


While waiting for disability benefits, it is possible to work in some capacity if your situation and disability allow it. There are part-time or freelance options available, including possible accommodations from employers. Not only can working while you’re waiting for disability provide financial security, it can also help with your mental health and social wellbeing.


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