can you put a future job on your resume

can you put a future job on your resume

Can You Put a Future Job On Your Resume?

Adding things to your resume that you have not accomplished yet can be tricky. After all, you’re not in the job yet and you don’t want to appear as though you’re trying to deceive employers. While it’s certainly possible to put a future job on your resume, it’s important to verify that doing so won’t confuse potential employers and cause them to question your truthfulness.

Choose the Right Format

It’s important to understand that including a future job on your resume needs to be done in the right format. The best way to accomplish this is by using a format that states that the job is “anticipated.” This will ensure that potential employers aren’t confused as to which position you have actually held. Additionally, the job should be placed into your “Experience and Work History” section for the most accurate information.

Consider Your Skills

When discussing your future job, try to fit as many details into the job listing as possible. Include the title of the job, the company name and address, and what your responsibilities will include. Going one step further, include how your current experience and skill set will help you to excel in this new job. Doing so will give employers a better understanding of what you will bring to the table and assist them in feeling confident in their decision.

Be Honest

It’s important to avoid any form of deception on your resume. If you’re simply considering a job offer, be honest about the status and avoid suggesting that you’ve already accepted the position as that could lead to legal action. Additionally, if you’ve only interviewed for the job, you could list it with a statement such as, “Position anticipated upon offer acceptance.”

In conclusion, determining whether you should put a future job on your resume can be tricky. Choose the format that best indicates you have not actually begun working in the job yet, include helpful details about the job, and make sure you remain honest throughout the entire process. Doing so will make it easier to share potential future job opportunities with employers.


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