can you work 2 jobs on h1b

can you work 2 jobs on h1b

Working Multiple Jobs on an H1B Visa

If you hold an H1B visa, you may be wondering if you can take on more than one job, either full-time or part-time.
The answer to this question depends on several factors, so let’s dive into these together.

H1B Requirements

The primary requirement for an H1B visa holder is that he or she must be employed in a qualifying position. This means the job duties must meet certain criteria as outlined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Thus, a person on an H1B visa must adhere strictly to the guidelines to maintain their status.

Multiple Jobs

It is typically not permissible to work two jobs while on an H1B visa. However, there are certain exceptions in which multiple jobs could be permissible. Here are some scenarios in which a person on an H1B visa can work multiple jobs:

  • If both jobs are either part-time or full-time in a position that fits the criteria for the H1B visa.
  • If the two jobs are held with different US employers (for instance, one full-time job and one part-time job).
  • If the second job does not meet the criteria for an H1B but is in a designated specialty occupation such as fashion designing or graphic design.
  • If the second job is held with a non-profit organization.

Technically speaking, if all of the above requirements are met, it is possible to work two jobs while on an H1B visa. However, before taking on any extra jobs, it is important to check with the USCIS to ensure that all criteria is valid.


In conclusion, determining if an H1B visa holder can work two jobs requires careful consideration of all relevant factors and approval from the USCIS. While it is possible to work two jobs while on an H1B, the exact details of how this would work need to be thoroughly discussed and approved by the USCIS before any action is taken.


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