can you work two state jobs at the same time

can you work two state jobs at the same time

Can You Work Two State Jobs at the Same Time?

The ability to have two full-time jobs can mean financial stability, but what if those jobs are in two different states? Can you work two state jobs at the same time?

The Rule of Thumb

The short answer is that in most cases a person cannot work for two different states at the same time. In the United States, each state has the power to determine its own laws and largely will require a person to work with only one state at a time.

Situations Exempt from the Rule

However, there are several situations that can exempt you from this rule, such as:

  • You have a valid work permit in both states
  • Your job duties do not overlap
  • Your job locations do not overlap

Pros & Cons

Working two state jobs at the same time grantees extra security in the event of the loss of one job, but there are drawbacks to keep in mind. Traveling between states can be costly and time consuming, which can exacerbate fatigue and limit personal time. In addition, there may be taxation complications when filing for two separate states.

Final Thoughts

The choice to pursue a two-state job arrangement isn’t necessarily advised, and can pose certain issues. If this is a route that you would like to explore be sure to discuss your particular situation with an accountant or a tax professional to fully understand your state’s legal requirements and possible drawbacks.


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