can’t find a job reddit

can’t find a job reddit

Finding a Job on Reddit

One of the best places to go if you are looking for a job is Reddit. Reddit is filled with countless employment related subreddits that can help you find the perfect job. Whether you are unemployed or looking for something new, Reddit’s job board makes the search process easier. Here are some tips for finding a job on Reddit.

Know What Subreddits to Look At

Reddit has tons of subreddits related to employment. The two most popular subreddits for job hunting are r/forhire and r/jobs. Both of these subreddits are dedicated to helping people post and find jobs. They also post job listings from various industries.

When you search through these subreddits, make sure you are checking for jobs that are relevant to you. If you are a programmer looking for a software engineering job, make sure the jobs you post on Reddit fit that criteria.

Make a Job Post

If you can’t find a job that meets your criteria on Reddit, you can make a job post. Posting a job post is an effective way to quickly gain interest from potential employers.

Make sure to include details such as the title of the position you are looking for, your desired salary, any skills you have, and your contact information. Employers who view your post may be interested in contacting you for more details.

Be Active in the Community

Reddit is filled with active communities dedicated to job searching. Joining these communities and engaging in conversations can give you a better understanding of what employers and recruiters are looking for.

Additionally, you can ask questions about job opportunities or post resources related to job searching. By becoming actively involved in the Reddit job community, you can make valuable connections and gain insight into the job market.


Finding a job on Reddit can be a great way to kick-start your job search. To get the most out of your job search on Reddit, make sure you:

  • Know What Subreddits to Look At
  • Make a Job Post
  • Be Active in the Community

By following these tips, you can take advantage of Reddit’s vast job search resources and start looking for your dream job today.


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