can’t find a job reddit

can’t find a job reddit

Can’t Find a Job Reddit

Are you a recent graduate looking for a job, but have had no luck so far? Reddit can be a great place to find job postings and potentially land the perfect job!

Why use Reddit?

  • External Job Resources: Reddit can give you access to job postings that don’t appear anywhere else.
  • Community Discussions: User discussions about jobs can give you inside information about companies, industry advice, and more.
  • Career Advice: There are threads dedicated to resumes and taking interviews. You can get advice from people who have already been in your shoes.
  • Networking: Meet professionals in the job you are applying for and make connections.

How to Use Reddit Effectively

  • Choose the Right Subreddit: There are many job-related subreddits. Start your search with subreddits like r/resumes, r/forhire, r/internships, and more.
  • Be Active: Posting questions and getting involved in conversations can help you gain insight.
  • Stay Up to Date: Take a few moments each day to check for new posts and activity.
  • Make New Connections: Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who seem knowledgeable. Building relationships can lead to more connections and opportunities.

Reddit can be a great tool to help you find a job. Use it effectively and you can increase your chances of success!


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