can’t find an engineering job

can’t find an engineering job

Tips To Find An Engineering Job

The engineering industry can be extremely competitive, resulting in people between jobs or stuck in the wrong role for longer than they wanted. Fresh graduates, as well as seasoned engineers, can use the following tips to help land their next job.

1. Build Up Your Network

The most effective way to find an engineering job is to network with other engineers and make connections in the industry you’re interested in. Join specialized engineering organizations and engineering social media outlets where you can interact with like-minded individuals. This will not only afford you the opportunity to connect with potential employers, but also ensure that you stay on top of the latest industry developments and job postings.

2. Expand Your Skill Set

Employers are looking for engineers with a broad base of experience and a broad set of skills. Take courses (in person or online) to broaden your knowledge, or demonstrate your know-how in subjects such as quality assurance, project management, Six Sigma, or other specialties. Even spending time volunteering or working on pet projects outside of the engineering field can help strengthen your résumé.

3. Update Your Résumé and Include Your Portfolio

Spend some time refreshing your résumé. Make sure it casts a positive light on your skills and experience. Also, assemble a portfolio with pieces that showcase your talents, such as a technical paper, schematic design, or other creative work.

4. Prepare for Interviews

Don’t enter job interviews without doing your research. You should have a basic understanding of the company, its values and its history. Also, be prepared to answer any questions about technical concepts, project experiences, and programming languages.

5. Utilize Career Counselors and Job Sites

In addition to networking and searching job boards, make use of career counselors who specialize in the engineering field. They can help you determine which positions would be most suitable for you and can give you advice on how to present yourself in an interview. Job sites are also a valuable source of leads. Sites like Hello Engineers, Career Engineers, and Engineer Network specialize in engineering job postings.


Finding an engineering job takes time and effort, but with the right strategy, you can find your ideal job. Utilize the tips above to sharpen your job search, stay positive, and ultimately land the engineering job of your dreams.


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