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Crossword Clue “Con Jobs”

Most avid crossword enthusiasts have experienced stumping on the cryptic and hard-to solve clues. One of the most common challenges, however, is the clue with the answer “con jobs.” What does this mean exactly?

What is a “con job”?

A “con job” is slang for a type of deception or scam. The term “con job” derives from a longer phrase, ” confidence job” which refers to a confidence trick or swindle. A confidence trick is an attempt by a scammer to deceive or cheat someone out of their money or property.

Common Examples of Con Jobs

    • Ponzi Schemes – This type of scheme involves paying existing investors with money obtained from new investors.


    • Pyramid Schemes – A pyramid scheme is an illegal act in which fraudsters promise investors high returns based on recruiting others into the scheme.


    • Money Laundering – Money laundering is the process of concealing the source of illegally acquired money.


    • Advance-fee Scams – This type of scam involves the promise of a large sum of money in exchange for sending money upfront.


Spotting and Avoiding Con Jobs

One of the most important skills for avoiding a con job is the ability to spot the red flags. Some common signs of a con job include:

    • Promises of high returns for little to no effort


    • Pressure to make an immediate financial decision


    • Asking for sensitive personal information


    • Requests to send money upfront


It is also important to research any potential investments and ask questions before committing to a decision. Looking out for the red flags and conducting due diligence can help to protect against con jobs.


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