cuál fue el pecado de job

cuál fue el pecado de job

What was Job’s Sin?

In the Bible’s Book of Job, the character of Job is shown to suffer from various forms of trials and tribulations. Many people have wondered why Job was chosen to suffer so much and what sin he committed for it to happen. The Bible does not give a clear answer regarding Job’s sin, but through careful analysis of the text, we can make an educated guess.

Job’s Character

Before we discuss Job’s sin, it is important to understand Job’s character. Job was known as “the blameless and upright man who feared God and eschewed evil” (Job 1:1). Furthermore, in his conversations with his companions, Job showed a very strong faith in God and his righteousness. Job states in Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” and Job 19:25 “For I know that my Redeemer lives.”

Potential Sins

Since Job’s character suggests that he is a righteous man, it is not likely that he committed a serious sin worthy of his trials. However, there are a few potential sins that Job could have committed:

  • Pride: It is possible that Job’s pride caused him to become too devoted to himself and his own righteousness. This could have caused God to test him to prove his faith and humility.
  • Lucifer’s Challenge: It is also possible that Job was simply the subject of a challenge posed by Lucifer to prove that loyalty and faith in God are greater than selfishness and pride.
  • Exploitation: Finally, it is possible that Job had done something to exploit or profit from the poor and needy. This would be in direct violation of God’s commandments.


Ultimately, it is impossible to definitively say what sin Job committed or why his trials happened. However, these possibilities should help us better understand Job’s trials and the implications of pride, loyalty, faith, and exploitation


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