did addison rae get a boob job

did addison rae get a boob job

Did Addison Rae Get a Boob Job?

Addison Rae, the popular TikTok star, is known for her amazing dance moves and her stunningly beautiful looks. Recently, there have been rumors abound regarding whether she has gotten a boob job. So, has Addison Rae gotten plastic surgery?

No To Boob Job Rumors

Although many fans have speculated that Addison Rae has had a boob job, she herself has not confirmed any plastic surgery. In fact, her own mother responded to the rumors with a resounding “no”. Adding to this, Addison has also stated during multiple interviews that she does not have any plans to get plastic surgery in the future, as she feels that her body is perfect the way it is.

Other Rumors

Apart from rumors of a boob job, many other plastic surgery speculations have surrounded Addison Rae. Some suggest that she has gotten a nose job and lip fillers, while others claim she has gone through various other cosmetic procedures.

Truth Behind The Rumors

The truth is, Addison Rae has not gone through any plastic surgery, and all her stunning beauty is completely natural. She might have used cosmetics to enhance her look, but there is no evidence to suggest that she has changed her body in any way.


At the end of the day, Addison Rae has not confirmed any plastic surgery, and all the speculations surrounding her are just that – speculations. Her body is beautiful, and she doesn’t need any surgical changes to make her look any better!


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