did adriana chechik get a boob job

did adriana chechik get a boob job

Adriana Chechik and Plastic Surgery

The popular pornstar, Adriana Chechik has caused many to speculate whether or not she has gone under the knife. While there has yet to be concrete evidence of any procedure, here is what we know so far.

Rumors of Breast Augmentation

The rumors of Adriana Chechik getting a boob job started to take off around 2020. Many fans noticed the change in her figure and speculated that she might have decided to increase her bust size.

Adriana’s Denial of Plastic Surgery

Adriana Chechik has denied that she got a boob job. She claims that her change in appearance is due to her changed diet and fitness routines.

The Evidence

While there is no clear evidence that Adriana has had a breast augmentation, there are some things that point in that direction.

  • The Size: Adriana’s bust size has increased significantly.
  • The Shape: Adriana’s breasts have become much rounder and more symmetrical.
  • The Texture: Adriana’s breasts seem to be a bit firmer than before.


At the end of the day, it’s up to Adriana Chechik to decide whether or not she has gone under the knife. Regardless, she still looks amazing and it’s clear she takes great care of her body.


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