did amouranth get a boob job

did amouranth get a boob job

Did Amouranth get a boob job?

Kaitlyn Siragusa, also known as Amouranth, is one of the most popular content creators on the live streaming platform Twitch. Her huge following has helped her gain a fair amount of notoriety, leading many to speculate over whether or not she has had plastic surgery on her body. In particular, many have wondered if Amouranth got a boob job.

What do we know?

The rumor that Amouranth had a boob job first emerged in 2018, when before and after photos began circulating on social media. The photos showed Amouranth before her supposed breast augmentation and after, with many noting a marked difference in her appearance. The rumors have persisted over the years and many of Amouranth’s fans and detractors alike have speculated that she did in fact get a breast augmentation.

What does Amoranth say?

Amouranth has not confirmed nor denied that she has had a boob job. In a YouTube video from 2018, she briefly mentions that she has had cosmetic surgery, but does not specify what kind of surgery it was. She has also addressed the rumors of a boob job on a few occasions but again does not confirm or deny whether or not it is true.

Are there any other evidence?

Aside from the photos that have been circulating online, there is no concrete evidence that Amouranth has in fact gotten a boob job. Her close friend, AshhBeatz, has previously suggested that Amouranth has had cosmetic surgery but again, no specifics were mentioned.

Without confirmation from Amouranth herself, the rumor that she got a boob job is likely to remain just that – a rumor. Nevertheless, the speculation persists and it seems that Amouranth is content to let her fans and detractors keep guessing.


So, did Amouranth get a boob job? The answer is unclear and it’s likely that the truth will remain a mystery. There is no evidence to suggest that she has had a boob job and the only ones in the know are Amouranth and any doctors she may have consulted. Until Amouranth decides to speak up, we will never know for sure if she had a breast augmentation or not.


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