did andrew warren get his job back

did andrew warren get his job back

Did Andrew Warren Get His Job Back?

Andrew Warren is an American attorney specializing in criminal defense and human rights law, who was fired from his job as State Attorney for Cook County in late 2019. After months of speculation, the question remains: did Andrew Warren get his job back?

Firing of Andrew Warren

In December 2019, Cook County Board of Commissioners Chair Toni Preckwinkle announced that Warren would be fired from his job as State Attorney for Cook County, citing issues with transparency, accountability, and a “toxic environment” for his staff. Warren had been in the role for just over a year, and many people in the legal community felt that there had been a need for serious reforms within the office.

Outcry and Campaign for Reinstatement

In the wake of his firing, there was an outcry in the legal community in support of Warren. A large group of Cook County judges released a statement in his defense, citing his commitment to criminal justice reform and his positive leadership. A campaign also began demanding that Warren be reinstated, gathering over 6,000 signatures.


Despite the groundswell of support for Warren, he has yet to be reinstated. Though Preckwinkle did leave open the possibility of Warren’s return in the near future, it appears that he will not be returning to the role of State Attorney in the near future.


The firing of Andrew Warren served as a stark reminder of the need for criminal justice reform. While Warren has yet to be reinstated, his brief tenure as State Attorney for Cook County has sparked conversations about transparency, accountability, and criminal justice reform in the area. Ultimately, time will tell if Warren is able to return to his former role.


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